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Foldable Lenses:
There are different Lens options available to you after cataract surgery. They are: Monofocal and Multifocal lenses.
Monofocal Lenses are the most widely used Lenses and are designed to give the patient Good Distance Vision. This means you will see quite well when driving, going to a movie, watching TV etc. With a monofocal lens implant you will need to wear glasses for any type of near vision activity- for example reading, knitting, sewing, playing cards, or ordering from a restaurant menu.
Multifocal Lenses also called Bifocal Lenses are designed to  give you the option of greater independence from glasses for a wide range of vision including distance, near and intermediate vision. In most studies 90% and above individuals do not need glasses after multifocal implants. So if you had a Multifocal Lens, you would not need GLASSES after Cataract Surgery. We implant  some of the most advanced Multifocal lenses The Dr will decide about the suitability of the lens for you, after doing certain sophisticated  tests.
Patients choosing to have a multifocal lens implant will find that they can drive, watch T.V , work on a computer and read without the need for glasses.
You now have the opportunity to regain Younger vision once again.

Our surgeon after the check up will discuss about these lenses with you and help you make the best choice about what kind of lens you should have implanted depending on your visual needs.
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