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Custom High Definition Lasik
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See your new world. High Definition Lasik gives you the latest, safest and most precise technology of Lasik. These advanced treatments provide better and clearer vision than ever before. Your vision will be better, sharper and more focussed than what you experienced with glasses and contact lenses, this vision is called High Definition vision.
Experience High Definition sharp vision, on the technology by the company that invented Laser Correction and chosen by NASA. We pride ourselves in using the most advanced Custom Laser Technology,this is the only US FDA approved Laser technology chosen by NASA for Laser correction on their astronauts and pilots.
Finding the right surgeon and the right facility for your laser eye surgery can take some thought.  We understand that your eyes are very important to you, and you need to make the correct decision.The information provided  covers most of the recent information about our technology,The Laser procedure and questions you might want to ask.If however ,there is anything you need to know or you wish to schedule your check up with Dr Mongia ,please contact us.
High Definition Wavefront Lasik.
A wavefront-guided treatment is customized to the unique characteristics of each eye and intended to minimize higher-order aberrations so that the greatest quality of vision can be achieved.

Wavefront technology functions as a roadmap for LASIK surgery.It guides the treating Dr Exactly what your eye problems are and the most precise way for you to achieve Clear and Natural Vision. Wavefront measures your eye number upto 25 times more precisely than a normal computerised eye test. During
the patient evaluation process, wavefront provides the physician comprehensive individual diagnostic information, not available using earlier technologies.
During treatment, wavefront allows the surgeon to tailor the laser beam settings, making the  procedure itself more precise. In this way, wavefront technology offers the patients sharper, crisper, better quality vision, as well as a reduction in night time vision difficulties, such as halos and glare.
Wavefront technology is an adjunct tool used to enhance an already safe and effective procedure.
As the most common form of vision correction surgery, LASIK has already benefited millions of patients. The increased safety and the improved quality of vision benefits of customized procedures are an important technological advancement for patients and physicians a like.
LASIK Technology - State-of-the-Art Equipment for Custom LASIK

We are committed to maintaining state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our laser devices and other surgical equipment are thoroughly tested, and proven safe and effective. Dr Mongia has many years of experience in Lasik and uses the most advanced US FDA Approved Lasik technology,so our patients can be assured that they are receiving advanced Lasik treatment and the safest in eyecare.
When you come for the check up and Consultation,you will see why Thousands of patients have trusted their eyecare with us.
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