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Patients come from Mumbai, all over India and  from around the world to have their laser eye surgery performed in Mumbai here at our Laser Eye Surgery Center. The sincere and honest approach we adapt to our practice is one of the few reasons patients trust us with their Eye care. We would like to invite you to come,talk and know about what will suit your eyes.

Almost everyday we receive letters and e-mails from our patients,their families and friends thanking our staff and Dr for their highly skilled,professional and friendly care.
Other surgeons and physicians trust their eyes to us, when they chose to have LASIK.  We are proud that over 55 surgeons, physicians and dentists-- have chosen our Dr’s expertise to have their LASIK.  This is our strongest testimonial.
Our goal is to give our patients both the best care and the most pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable experience in all interactions with our doctor and staff.  This is what some of our patients have to say.
Patient Testimonials-Lasik
Pooja Gupta, BPO Executive
Dr. Mongia and  staff were excellent. I was comfortable from the time I walked in until the time I left after the procedure. My vision went from 6/60 to 6/6 in one day. I would recommend them to anyone." Pooja Gupta,BPO Executive"
Rachna Rathore, HRD Manager,MNC
I have found that the benefits of LASIK are immense. The surgery itself was fairly quick and painless. The morning after the surgery, everything seemed bright and clear. It was almost like someone had turned on a light. Everyday I remind myself I don't have to deal with my contact lenses. I don't have to deal with the cloudy and gritty sensation of contacts, as well as, the irritation and fatigue my eyes felt with the long use. I thank Dr and her staff for their expertise and especially Dr’s  skill as a LASIK specialist. I appreciate and thank you all. I am really happy I did it. "Rachna Rathore, HRD Manager,MNC".

My experience at the Center was good! This was the most stress free medical experience I've ever had. From the friendly and courteous staff to the comfortable waiting area. Thank you.
Rahul Jain, Architect
If I were to describe my experience with the procedure with one word, it would be "terrific"! It has given me a tremendous sense of independence from the eyeglasses I had worn for more than 20 years. Thank you! " Bill Newton.London."
Dr Sonali Kulkarni
I am medical doctor – I am a Child Specialist. I was recommended Dr Mongia by some of my colleagues at the hospital I work, who had their Laser.  I come to Dr. Mongia because she is the quite an honest expert in the field.  I know I would get the answers and the treatment  I could trust.
Mr Shaun Williams, New Zealand
You have exceeded my expectations in all aspects. With regards to the outcome, the results of my eyesight are now 20/15 with almost no discomfort. With regards to your technical knowledge, it was obvious how knowledgeable you are by the way you can communicate complicated things in a way that the patient can understand. A lot of doctors I have been exposed to answer very technically either to hide their competence or because they don’t want you to ask too many questions. Finally with respect to the personal aspect, during and to my surprise the follow-up after the surgery was truly exceptional. Letter from Mr Shaun Williams from New Zealand.
Lasik Clinic, Mumbai, India.
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